Buying Artworkk

Each of my paintings is a one-of-a-kind creation. For best results, I usually need a minimum of 2-3 weeks for a finished painting. Since each project comes with unique challenges and requirements, I have no pre-set price list. Size, elements of composition, materials, logistics and estimates of time determine costs. (Please note priced examples of previous works below in the Reference Materials page ).

No two living subjects are alike. Each one has an individual likeness and personality. I capture that uniqueness in a portrait; the satisfaction of creating the art I love equaled only by the sense of pride and fulfillment I experience from the joy it brings to my clients.

Although I’ve worked in a variety of mediums, I currently work exclusively in oils. Please see section on Submit a Photo for advice on submitting reference image materials for portraiture.

Contact me by email or telephone to discuss the details and dimensions of the portrait commission you are interested in. (See sizes listed). I require a non-refundable deposit of 50% by cash, check or money order. Unfortunately, I cannot yet accept credit cards. Upon receipt of the down payment and reference materials, I will begin work on the commission. When it is nearly finished, I will send you a digital color image of the work for your approval, after which I will make adjustments if needed. Afterwards, when I receive the balance of payment, I will pack and send out the finished piece when it is dry and ready to be shipped.

The cost of delivery is the responsibility of the purchaser. Local delivery is only within a 30-mile distance from my studio, with charges for gas, mileage and my time. Otherwise, all artwork will be packaged and shipped, along with your receipt, original photography and digital images, if requested. To save the cost of shipping, you may pick up your work in person.

For an additional charge, I offer framing consultation and related services.

Standard Pre-Stretched
Canvas Sizes

12 × 16

12 × 24

14 × 18

15 × 30

16 × 20

18 × 18

18 × 24

18 × 36

20 × 24

20 × 30

22 × 28

22 × 30

24 × 24

24 × 30

24 × 36

24 × 48

30 × 30

30 × 36

30 × 40

36 × 36

36 × 48*

Order & Price Information

* Larger sizes are available.
I work on standard commercial canvas sizes listed above. Non-standard canvas sizes and shapes need to be specially ordered or created and are priced accordingly. Gallery-wrap, extra wide and extra-deep canvases will also be an extra charge.

How To Commission Artwork